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FACE – IT Plant Based Foundation - Natural

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

One of our very own has been very kind enough to write a review on her Favourite RégimA Product!

In the past I have only ever used high street brand skincare products, not really noticing any improvements in my skin. Since trying RégimA I have noticed a big difference!

My skin is glowing, hydrated and less congested I never would have had the confidence to leave the house without foundation but now thanks to the Face - it Foundation and my daily RégimA skincare Regime I have never been more confident in my own skin.

Face it Foundation is a plant based foundation and unlike some other foundations will not block your pores or damage your skin. This foundation is good for all skin types!

Why not give your skin a healthy glow without the consequences and give Face It Foundation a try for yourself!

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