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Are you storing your products correctly?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

During the hotter months It's advisable to remind your clients not to leave their products in the boot of a hot car or in their handbags.

It is important you follow the below guidelines to ensure your customers are aware of how to store their RégimA Product. We suggest storing them in the bathroom, away from a window and somewhere cool. Even in the fridge during a heatwave!!

It is important that your products are kept in a cool, dry space. We use the very finest potent natural ingredients, therefore colour and consistency can change if not stored correctly causing products to become runny, thicker or even gritty.

Ensure products are kept away from direct sunlight. Products must be stored below 25°c. When there is intense heat or air pressure this could cause packaging to unfortunately explode if there is air trapped inside them.

Please be aware products containing SPF can cause discoloration/staining on light clothing due to a mixture of the Natural Ingredients. Day products that contain an SPF should never be used at night. These are specifically made to be of a more oily consistency due to the SPF ingredients.

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