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90% of women have cellulite. Oestrogen (being a major culprit) stimulates the metabolic activity of adipocytes (fat cells). Toxins are trapped under the skin, fat is compressed, circulation is hindered, causing an orange peel effect.

It is skin quality and age, rather than the quantity of fatty tissue, that determines whether cellulite occurs. As women mature, skin becomes thinner and cellulite looks worse. It is critical therefore that the anti-ageing factor is brought into the treatment equation.

Synergistic action of advanced cellulite solutions, plus anti-ageing ingredients, is the key. Engineering of natural actives, isolated from an enriched fraction of bitter orange tree, facilitates progressive elimination of oedema (fluid retention), stimulates microcirculation by vaso-dilatation and decongestion. Sacred lotus, breaks down fat storage, limiting the formation of new fat cells.
The addition of a Natural biopolymer has a lifting, anti-wrinkle effect, that smooths and visibly elasticise the skin, while improving the body’s natural contours.



New Species of Yeast Extract  Pichia Hee
Bitter Orange Extract Citrus Aurantium A
Sacred Lotus Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extra
RegimA SpaZone Target Cellulite 100ml Ph

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100ml Home care pampering product
200ml Strictly IN-SALON product

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