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Gel Serum – All Skin Types – HYDRATION


The Zone Super Smoother is an anti-ageing gel serum, designed to smooth the skin’s surface, and impart essential moisture into the skin. This formulation boasts a Dual Hyaluronic Action, utilising two different analogues of Hyaluronic Acid for advanced penetration into the skin, which provides unparalleled moisturising capabilities, applying the latest technology in the highest concentrations. Provides immediate and long term ultimate dermal and epidermal moisturisation and plumping but without any oiliness. The serum dries quickly leaving skin feeling tighter, looking smoother.


Super Smoother enhances the action of injectable ‘fillers’ that are used to plump out wrinkles.


A light, cooling Gel Serum formulation that ideally adds a perfect balance of moisture required to feed the dermis and epidermis but without any oily feel. A must for most skins, particularly beneficial for adult acne sufferers as it provides essential moisture but without any oiliness. This Serum is to be used daily in combination with other RégimA Zone treatment products and day time protection. May tingle on application, particularly if the skin is dry, or after Omega High Impact or a Power Peel. This is normal as the product is penetrating the skin. Provides an immediate tightening effect.




  • High activity moisturising gel

  • Rapid action skin smoothing

  • Instant tightening, firming of the skin

  • Lasting skin lifting effect

  • Profound plumping – immediate and long term

  • Visible elimination of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Produces optimal skin moisture levels without any oiliness

  • Provides slow release action

  • Stimulates procollagen synthesis

  • Promotes a more youthful looking, fresher, glowing skin

  • Ultimate Anti-Ageing

Super Smoother.png

Size: 15ml/50ml

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