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Bursting with moisture, this Ultra Rich Gel glides onto the skin, the luxurious texture is beautifully calming and replenishing. The skin absorbs the active ingredients extracted from seeds of the Andes or Andean Mountains, rich in galacto oligosaccharides.

​Wild Pansy, stimulates the synthesis of aquaporins, boosting hyaluronic acid and epidermal lipids, increasing moisture retention. With the bonus of bio-polymers from Red Algae, lifting and firming is also a major benefit. This is anti-ageing excellence.

Caesalpinia Spinosa Oligosaccharides Cae
Inter-Penetrating Biopolymer.png
Wild Pansy Hydrolyzed Viola Tricolour E
Japanese Lilyturf  Ophiopogon Japonicus
RegimA SpaZone Marine Replenishing 50ml

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50ml Home care pampering product 150ml Strictly IN-SALON product

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