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This cooling, revitalising gel, is a perfect way to end an indulgent spa treatment. It is intensely hydrating, non-greasy, and locks in essential moisture.

​An active ingredient, derived from Japanese Lilyturf (a plant known to withstand drought due to its hydrophilic properties), increases Natural Moisturizing Factors, which act as biological humectants. This ensures maintenance of essential moisture, as well as reinforcing cohesion of the layers of the epidermis.

​Significantly adding to the hydration capabilities, plus boosting of hyaluronic acid, Wild Pansy, is rich in oligosaccharides, having a substantial impact on moisturisation and helping improve the look and texture of the skin.

​This invigorating Gel with exotic fruits and a Natural biopolymer promotes healthy cell turnover, improving texture and tone with a lifting effect.

Inter-Penetrating Biopolymer.png
Phytelene of Pineapple Fruit Extract.png
Phytelene of Papaya fruit Extract.png
Japanese Lilyturf  Ophiopogon Japonicus
Wild Pansy  Hydrolyzed Viola Tricolour E
Sodium Lactate.png
RegimA SpaZone Intense Finishing Touch

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200ml Strictly IN-SALON product

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