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A deeply penetrating, multi-action, advanced anti-ageing Serum, created for use over the whole eye area. Particularly beneficial for crepey upper eyelids. This ultra-refined elixir, from organic cactus, soothes and calms irritated skin, while providing intense hydration, and protects and firms. Mineral-rich giant kelp algae provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while smoothing and tightening the sensitive eye area. A triple action complex helps decrease puffiness, darkened circles, firms, increases collagen and elastin synthesis. A high potency combination for anti-ageing eye care, helping improve the look of tired heavy eyes, achieving a more youthful appearance.


Directions For Use: 

AM & PM: Cleanse with suitable RégimA cleanser. Apply a small amount of Revolution-EYZ to the whole of the eye area. May be used in conjunction with RégimA Zone New Expression Under Eye Fix, which may be applied to the under eye area and crow's feet over the top of Revolution-EYZ, as it provides added 3 in 1 action: Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles, myo relaxing effect (visibly smoothing fine lines).  The combination of RégimA Zone Revolution-EYZ and New Expression-365 Under Eye Fix is highly recommended.



  • Multi-Action anti-ageing Serum

  • Skin tightening, smoothing, firming

  • Decreases periorbital hyperpigmentation

  • Decrease of under-eye bags

  • Decreased eyelid puffiness

  • Improves the look of crepey skin

  • Reduction in periorbital wrinkles

  • Tissue repair

  • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

  • Increased collagen and elastin synthesis

  • Soothes and calms irritated skin

  • Hydrates intensely

  • Protects and firms

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Sizes: 15ml

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