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This anti-pigmentation treatment draws on the individual strengths of multiple skin lightening actives. The combined effect of these actives, each providing their own anti-pigmentation effect, create a synergistic and cumulative lightening, brightening capability second to none. With state of the art technology, Lumiskin (and its main functions), Sophora Root extract and the enhanced lightening action of black tea extract and the latest in stabilized Vitamin C technology, this product combines the most cutting-edge actives for unparalleled skin lightening power. Added to this, Kiwi Fruit Extract has been found to be particularly beneficial for under-eye dark circles.

NOTE: Pigmentation (melasma/chloasma) is a stubborn problem and must be treated gradually, safely, without aggression. Establish the cause and eliminate if possible. Pigment Perfector must be used am and pm under day and night products. Even safe to use on the upper and lower eyelids. One must always use one of the RégimA day products containing sun protection to prevent recurrence. It is highly recommended that PP is combined with Omega High Impact Night Complex.



  • Helps gradually eliminate pigmentation

  • Helps prevent recurrence of pigmentation

  • Skin lightening, brightening

  • Anti-dark circles

  • Amazingly, safe to use on upper and lower eyelids

  • Evens complexion

  • Increases skin radiance

  • Helps remove sun spots and age spots

  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant

  • Hydrates and soothes dry, itchy skin

  • Reduces fine lines, plumping effect

  • Improvement in overall skin colour and texture

  • Provides a fresher, more vibrant looking skin

  • Removes the dull look associated with pigmented, uneven or sun-damaged skins

Pigment Perfector.png

Size: 50ml

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