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SPF 25 Medium UVA/UVB Protection System

Liposomes deliver a ßeta-Endorphin Stimulating Complex, a new technology ingredient with unique action, producing a sense of wellbeing on application, leaving the skin feeling smoothed, firmer, refreshed, with perfect equilibrium of moisture. Promotes skin regeneration and anti-wrinkle activity

A complex of plants including watercress, burdock, sage, soapwort and ivy, contain essential components working synergistically providing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and purifying properties. Vitamin B improves the appearance of ageing skin whilst also helping a problematic skin, providing a perfect balance of moisturisation for the combination skin. Vitamin C, in a most efficient stable form, helps regulate and tighten the skin whilst making ‘sun spots’ less noticeable. Black Tea Extract helps prevent hardening of elastin and collagen, improving overall skin quality, enhancing smoothness and radiance. Hydrolysed milk protein helps balance the sebaceous function of oily, dry or combination skin. These multi-functional actives within the formulation help restore the hydrolipidic film of dry skin, while reducing sebum flow of oily skin, maintaining the perfect equilibrim of moisturisation ensuring skin suppleness and the perfect solution for a combination skin. Adds a radiant natural glow to the skin.


Directions for use:

AM: Cleanse with RégimA cleanser. Apply RégimA eye products and serums. Apply 2 pump depressions of Daily Radiant Boost to face and neck, as one would a daytime moisturizer, avoiding the eye area. Allow a minute prior to applying make-up.

When exposed to extreme sunshine reapply as necessary.

Use in conjunction with other RégimA Zone home care.


Why Choose RégimA Zone Technologically Advanced ‘New Age’ Sunscreens?

  • Show 95% less free radicals in comparison with other UV filters even those at higher concentrations

  • RégimA combined sunscreens work in synergy for the most well-balanced protection. When used in combination they provide UVA and UVB for the most effective long-term skin protection, protecting against free radical exposure as well as erythema (redness) from sunburn

  • Protects the skin’s natural anti-oxidant defence systems, this combination of sunscreens perform better, protect for longer

  • Most efficient oil soluble broad-spectrum UV filter

  • Boosts the effectiveness of combined UVB filters, with lasting protection

  • Produces the highest contributions to SPF and UVA protection factors

  • Acts as an SPF booster for UVB filters improving SPF level

  • Extremely low skin penetration so safer, yet exceptionally high absorptivity of UVB radiation, so smaller concentrations are needed to achieve a high SPF value. Exhibits the highest photo-stable absorption of all available UVB filters

  • Extra Benefit: Self-tan products can increase subsequent UV exposure, often resulting in 3 times the amount of free radicals formed. However, when RégimA day sun protection is used in conjunction with any self-tanning applications there is a reduction in the level of free radicals by 92% below that of skin treated with self-tanning applications alone.

Contains: 24 hour ‘Chronoactive’

  • Helps prevent premature skin ageing efficiently and continuously over 24 hours. During the daytime it dims solar induced oxidative stress, while at night it provides prolonged protection from free radicals

  • It is the ideal partner for the UV filter systems as its activity continues long after exposure to the sun has ceased, extending overnight

  • Helps build UV protection in the skin

  • Testing over 8 weeks showed a 25% improvement in reduction of skin inflammation and redness.



  • ßeta-Endorphin stimulating, produces a sense of wellbeing

  • Protects against UV induced DNA and stem cell damage

  • Supports the repair of UV-induced sun damage

  • Balanced moisturisation, prevents drying of combination skin

  • Moderates sebaceous secretions, prevents over-oiliness

  • Natural astringent properties tightens dilated pores reducing blackheads

  • Prevents hardening of collagen and elastin fibres

  • Enhances smoothness, anti-wrinkle

  • Improved skin radiance and luminosity

  • Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle

  • Protects from the damaging, ageing effects of the sun

Size: 15ml/50ml

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